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Entry 26 : EZ-340 Tsunami

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Entry 26 : EZ-340 Tsunami - 22/1/2007 11:48:26 AM   


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Designation: EPZ-340 Tsunami
Chassis: Elasmosaurus Type
Alliance: Neo-Zenebas Empire
Manufacturer: Empire Development Bureau
Commissioned: 2199


  • Mass: 224 tons
  • Length: 44.25 meters
  • Height: 10.1 meters
  • Width: 22.5 meters

  • Aquatic: 118 Knots (OHFS engaged); 40 Knots (OHFS disengaged)
  • Aerial: 892 Kilometers per hour
  • Crew: 3
  • Pilot: Command/assault; head
  • Gunner: VEX artillery system/assault weaponry; dorsal carriage
  • Gunner: Aft defense station/nav-com; tail

  • Primary: Aquatic artillery/assault
  • Secondary:  Arial assault
  • Tertiary: Multi-role transport

Originally intended as a stealthy transport to circumnavigate Guylos’ marine forces before the resurgence of the Neo Zenebas Empire, the EZ-340 Tsunami evolved quickly into a terrifying force.  Its role began to change as loyalist engineers took into account a possible Guylos-Helic alliance, or at least a Helic attempt to thwart the rebirth of their old nemesis.  On Zi, no force in the world comes close to Helic’s domination of the skies; more than ten active classes of aerial Zoids rain destruction down on enemies of the Republic.  Tsunami was designed to slip undetected beneath these aerial forces.

However, with the presence of Death Stingers on one side and the Ultrasaurus fleets on the other, Zenebas rethought their position on the new Zoid’s design.  It was already an exceptionally stable and swift transport system, and the engineers began running weapon scenarios to determine what loadout the Tsunami could hold.  Simultaneously, another group of engineers had completed their work on a terrible new super weapon dubbed the VEX.  The system needed a special platform to wield it, and the Tsunami engineers found a match for their new design.

The Tsunami prototype cut its teeth in a horrific manner.  Major Bryde Ureth was given three vital targets to test the broad variety of weapon systems; one Helic target, one Guylos target, and one Zenebas target.  By striking all three, the Empire could confound their enemies while they prepared to use the Tsunami in earnest.  On a daring mid afternoon raid against Helic, the first Tsunami penetrated the Republic oceanic detection net and targeted five recently refitted Ultrasauruss being moved to positions in to the south.  The VEX was charged and used for the first time; the beam cut through the column head on from a range of over 2 kilometers.  Three Ultrasaurus were destroyed, was severely damaged, losing three crew, and the fifth sustained minor damage but could not locate their attacker.  The second target of the day was a Zenebas Whale King, loaded with Iguan and Hellcat units, all sacrificed for the sake of secrecy.  The King was not informed of any attack, and it was struck by a hail of anti-Zoid missiles.  The final target was a Guylos Death Stinger base.  Two Stingers were struck from more than 70 kilometers by heavy warheads; one was destroyed.  Tsunami’s reign of terror had begun.

Variable-Execution Recombining Hyper-Charged Particle Cannon; “VEX” (x1)
(dorsal mounted, fixed carriage, bow arc, 90° maximum elevation)
The VEX was the serendipity created out of a flawed concept that an AI weapon design computer attempted to recover; using a combination of modern CPG technologies to improve the Deathsaurer’s Charged Particle Cannon.  The charge is split into five slightly less powerful beams, each delivered through a separate barrel, then recombine just before impact.  However, the AI design computer had to invent an entirely new control system to make the design work.  In its primary fire mode the gun fires at full power with a recombined beam delivering the same power as its predecessor with an effective instant kill range of two kilometers.  The second mode delays each combiner beam by a fraction of a second; this adds power to the beam at increasing ranges and results in the effects of a super-charged particle cannon but at a range of 6 kilometers.  It does, however, require excellent gunnery skills at maximum range.  The third firing mode looses from one to five beams that do not recombine, forming a heavy particle cannon shotgun that spreads the damage over one large target or multiple smaller ones.  This mode has a 1 kilometer range but requires little accuracy.
“Tempest” Variable-Payload Tactical Missile (x2)
(1 mounted beneath each side cargo bay, bow arc, horizontal launch)
Tempest is designed to launch horizontally and travel underwater as a torpedo before breaking the surface and following the terrain to its target, up to 100 kilometers away.  While designed to destroy reinforced installations, it is just as effective at destroying larger, slower Zoids such as the Ultrasaurus or Gordos.  Standard payload damage is equivalent to the Iron Kong PK’s heavy theater missiles.  The secondary payload are cluster bombs; each covers an area 100 meters wide by 500 meters long, delivering moderate damage to any armored units in the area but shredding infantry and lighter vehicles or Zoids.  The final payload is an EMP charge that skybursts to knock out all active power systems in a 1 kilometer area.  Each of a Tsunami’s two missiles may hold a different warhead, allowing an EMP burst just prior to a high explosive warhead strike.

”Monsoon” Multi-Role Guided Missile (x4)
(dorsal bay, beneath VEX cannon power interchanger, vertical launch)
The VEX must be raised 45° and the shield opened to facilitate launch, which can be done surfaced or submerged.  These are the equivalent of the Iron Kong’s standard 6-shot launcher missiles.  They are multi-role, meaning they may be fired at any target, Zoid or building, sea, air or land.  Damage is heavy and range is 60 kilometers.  They may engage fire-and-forget or may be optically guided to the target.

Hurricane” Sea-to-Surface Missile (x2)
(1 per multi-role bay in standard configuration, bow arc)
A fast, APEX (armor piercing high explosive) weapon for attacking sea or land targets within 30 kilometers.  The missile has a reinforced casing which requires heavier firepower to destroy than a standard CWIS, but delivers a slightly less powerful warhead in exchange.  The armor piercing nature of the missile, however, easily offsets the smaller warhead.
“Gale” Sea-to-Air Missile (x4)
(2 missiles per launcher, 1 launcher per side between shoulder and hip joints, 360° rotation)
Gale missiles help protect the Tsunami from air strikes while surfaced while using the VEX.  The missiles have a 25 kilometer range and deliver enough to disable or even destroy a lightly armored aerial Zoid.
“Sharkpack” Hypervelocity Torpedo Pod (x1)
(Neck mounted, 7 tubes, 2 rounds each (14 total round)):
This pod is mounted between the shoulders at the base of the Tsunami’s neck.  It is used for attacking shipping and aquatic Zoids.  Each torpedo has a range of 10 kilometers and delivers moderate damage at supersonic speeds.  The pod tracks 14 targets simultaneously and may fire upon 7 targets per salvo or launch torpedoes individually.

20mm Light Particle Cannon (x3)
(throat, fixed, 10° inclination and 260° arc of fire):
These cannon were installed to make use of the Tsunami’s incredible neck arc and are used to sweep for light submersibles and mines.  Though they cause minor damage, in unison they are cause for caution.

20mm Light Particle Cannon (x2)
(tail, fixed, 180° arc of fire)
Identical to those mounted on the Tsunami’s throat, these paired guns are fitted to the extreme tip of the tail to provide some defense from pursuers and to intercept torpedoes.  They are fixed but make use of the tail’s flexibility to cover a wide arc.

30mm Light Particle Cannon (x2)
(tail gunner cockpit, turreted, 200° arc of fire)
A slightly heavier tail gun, these two cannons are part of the tail gunner station, which has an additional 10° wider arc.  An expert tail gunner could target an incoming unit with the 20mm guns and a second target with the 30mm cannons.

40mm Burst Cannon Battery (x2)
(fore-fins, fixed bow arc, 5 guns per battery (10 total), 200 rounds per gun)
Mounted to the fore-fins at the elbow as an afterthought, these unimposing square boxes are similar to the Iguan’s quad-impact gun array.  They loose rapid fire gyrojet rounds (a cross between a bullet and a hypervelocity rocket) at semiautomatic speeds.  A gyrojet attains incredible speeds but lacks an explosive warhead.  They are almost as effective submerged as out of water, ripping holes through armor and shredding internal systems, and to destroy incoming torpedoes and slower missiles.

80mm Linear Particle Battery (x8)
(shoulder and hip joints, 2 guns per battery (8 total), 180° rotation, 60° elevation, all arcs)
Each fin structure is supported by a reinforced articulation that is capped by one of these heavily armored turrets.  They are assault-capable cannons that deliver moderate to heavy damage at up to 3 kilometers.  The Tsunami can be re-outfitted with a second suite of 4 batteries opposite the existing cannons on the underside of the fins, bringing the total number of cannons to 16 in 8 batteries, 4 above the surface and 4 beneath it.

Micro-Band Defensive Laser Battery (x8)
(2 batteries per rear fin, 2 lasers per battery (8 total), variable inclination)
These are the same cannons mounted on the Seismosaurus, two turrets are mounted to each rear fin as a defense against missiles or to pick away at light aerial targets.  All 4 batteries can fire to the rear, straight up and forward 45° through the upper arc.  However, only 2 of the turrets can fire forward, giving the Tsunami 4 forward facing and 4 aft facing defense guns.

50mm Micro-Band Laser (x2)
(Head mounted, 260° arc of fire due to neck articulation, 360° turreted rotation)
Mounted on either side of the head, these weapons are designed primarily to augment Tsunami’s local ranged combat capabilities.  The banding is compressed tight on these guns, allowing them effective while submerged.  They deliver moderate damage out to 500 meters under water and 1 kilometer surfaced.
Hardened Alloy Fangs
(Head, fixed, 260° arc)
he Tsunami can rip and shred with these basic melee weapons.  What makes them dangerous is the range of the neck, its superbly wide arc of movement and staggering speed.  Going head to head with the Tsunami in a biting match is like poking at a cobra with a switchblade.

Tsunami Special Abilities
VEX Hyper-Charged Particle Cannon operation
Its the first thing pilots see on the Tsunami and its visage is enough to make even hardened veterans sick with fear.  Even without knowing the weapon’s capabilities, it looks terrifying!  There are a number of factors that make this weapon system unique, aside from the previously mentioned variable operation.  First, the Tsunami has 2 power plants, one for the Zoid and one for the gun.  Charge up, therefore, does not reduce any of Tsunami’s defenses in the least; not its shields, nor its weaponry.  Second, the awesome recoil of the gun is reduced in three ways; 1) the Zoid can only fire the weapon while in the water (usually with the body below the surface and the VEX looming above the waves), which acts as a tremendous shock absorber, 2) the gun cradle is a bundle of hydraulic, pneumatic and myomer-based recoil recovery systems, 3) the Tsunami has a very impressive set of thrusters.  The VEX takes 30 seconds to charge fully, during which the Tsunami is completely unhindered in battle.  It requires 10 seconds to stabilize for an accurate shot, but a mode-3 attack (the super shotgun) requires only 5 seconds for stabilization.   Bear in mind that the VEX can fire its central barrel only as a standard heavy particle cannon, requiring no stabilization and causing little recoil.

Oscillating Hydrodynamic Force Shield (OHFS)
(integrated construction)
The subtle, key system that makes the Tsunami so fast and agile, despite its bulky appearance and the considerable drag of the huge VEX weapon system, is the OHFS.  The core principle of the shield was invented by an elite engineer who studied the possible effects of the Geno Breaker’s shield and a Magnessor lift system, should they be used completely submerged.  After years of tests and burned out shield panels, the OHFS came into existence.  The system is not so much a form of protection as a form of propulsion.  Shield generator panels are mounted from head to tail tip, from belly to VEX gunner station.  These create a oddly shaped bubble around the Tsunami that can’t keep out the sea.  The panels adjust their trajectory in sequence, oscillating the field’s shape and acting like a hundred invisible oars, pulling and pushing the Zoid through the water.  While in this mode there is no heat to detect, no movement to detect and no sound to detect; the Tsunami becomes virtually invisible to sensory equipment, and hard to see visually.  With only OHFS engaged the Tsunami can only achieve 40 knots, but combined with its powerful thrusters it tears through the water at 118 knots; though it loses much of its stealth capabilities.  The system also aids in aerial flight to a degree (another unplanned for serendipity of design).  While in operation OHFS provides deflection properties against light to medium energy weapons and light projectiles as a weaker version of the Shield Liger system.

Multi-Role Cargo Bays
(comprise the port and starboard torsos)
Each bay may be outfitted with any one of the following modular components depending on current mission objectives:
1)                   Aquatic Assault Suite: rotary pod of 6 torpedoes & rack of 10 proximity mines
2)                   Reconnaissance Suite: Twin ECM pods, enhanced optics & sensory cluster, rack of 20 countermeasure pods, 1 AI decoy
3)                   Amphibious Landing Suite: holds 10 troopers & gear in an ejectable landing craft
4)                   Bomber Suite: rack of 15 variable payload bombs
5)                   Assault Suite: rack of 2 air-to-ground missiles & 1 80mm Linear Particle Battery
6)                   Air Support Suite: 2 racks of 5 air-to-air missiles
Standard Hard Points (x7)
(tail x5, VEX gunnery station x2)
Should the mission commander feel the Tsunami is not deadly enough, there are 7 available standard hard points in standard configuration.  With weapons completely stripped, Tsunami has 12 points.

Blox Hard Points (x2)
Again, the reinforced cockpit of the Tsunami is fitted with a pair of heavy Blox class hardpoints.
“Endurance” Class Stealth Cockpits (x3)
(head, VEX gunner station, tail gunner station)
Tsunami has special cockpit construction to endure crushing depths, extended use of the OHFS and the intense radiation that would result from a breach of the VEX power core.  The canopies are extra dense and coated inside and out with a platinum alloy similar to the gold found on US HARM equipped attack aircraft.  As a bonus, this shielding also improves Tsunami’s stealth characteristics.
The combination of the VEX and OHFS technologies gave the Tsunami its name; the Zoid is a silent force moving undetected beneath the waves, ready to cause terrible devastation at sea or on land with little or no warning.  It is capable of stealthy insurgence, overwhelming long and extended range damage, and rapid exodus with minimal opportunity for retaliation.  Local weapon systems are as effective as those for standoff range, defenses are myriad.  Some Helic pilots are already referring to the Tsunami as the “Deathsaurer of the sea”.  With hidden manufacturing facilities capable of producing a new EZ-340 every ten months, decisive action must be taken to prevent Zenebas from all but owning Zi’s waterways.

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RE: Entry 26 : EZ-340 Tsunami - 22/1/2007 11:51:42 AM   


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