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Gojulas Holotech - Model Kit Review by Stormhawk

To celebrate Toys-R-Us (Japan) 15th Anniversary, TOMY released Gojulas Holotech (HT) on 5th October 2006. This special limited zoid that was rumoured to be a 3,000-pieces limited release, was available on retail in Toys-R-Us stores and a few online stores in Japan.

We were proud to be one of the early birds to catch this special release on 5th October.

Box Art
Gojulas HT Box Art

The box is of the same size as that of the NJR Gojulas release. It shares some of the basic design of the NJR box, but I like the box for this HT release. The Max Speed written as 21km/hr is most probably a typo error.

Contents & Parts
Gojulas HT Contents

Here I laid out all the baggies and as you can see, the instruction manual was redesigned, at least for the cover page. I definitely prefer this style over the NJR's instruction manual. The kit comes with a sticker sheet that is the same as that of the NJR Gojulas, however the box says nothing about a designation number.

Gojulas HT Contents

Seen here is the backpack for the Gojulas. I added in the batteries just to test it beforehand.

Gojulas HT Contents

This is the main motor unit for the kit, basically transparent for most part, but translucent at the HT parts. Being able to see the inner mechanism of the motor unit is really neat.

Gojulas HT Contents

This is how the sprues look like, out of the bag. Picture taken with flash. Some of the parts do show slight scarring, which is probably evident in most of the NJR release Gojulases. Probably some evidence of mold deterioration.

Gojulas HT Contents

As seen, that's my finger in there. I took this picture to show that the plastic is somewhat translucent, but certainly not transparent for most part.

Gojulas HT Head
Gojulas HT Starts to Blink
Gojulas HT Fully Lighted

This series of 3 images show the head profile. The 2nd image shows the light starting to blink. The 3rd image shows it fully lighted up. I feel it would have been nicer had it been blue or perhaps green light instead.

Gojulas HT Pilot

Now this must be a special one. The pilot is molded of the same translucent plastic of the other sprues. I like this pilot alot. Reminds me of the ones that go into the Genesis DVD Special Ligers and Megaraptor.

Gojulas Holotech
Gojulas HT

The fully built and assembled Gojulas HT. Oh yes, if you noticed, I did not insert the tail-end's lead weight. This was done deliberately because I did not intend to put any stress on the joint for the tail-end

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