Celebrating our 1st birthday.

Citizens of Zoidspoison united on 1st March 2007 to celebrate the website's 1st birthday. We celebrated our achievements with the launch of our 1st Mook - a collection of zoids sketches, models, customs, fanart and many more. Our 1st Zoidspoison Mook, also known as the Annual was published in February 2008.

Printed with limited 50 copies at S$30 each, the Mook was completely sold out within weeks after launch.

We invite members to embark on our next Mook in 2009.

Cover Lonesome Blade Liger Editorial Forward Contents Custom Contest 2006 Blue Dragon Saint Aliximilli Isuellia Dreadhorn MK-II
Berserker Thunder Bio Dilopho HS Leo Majestic Desert Molga Liger Zero X King Gojulas MK2 Command Wolf Ti Freedom Striker Genosaurer Sniper
Shield Liger CAS Battlefort Great Sabre LBRT Fanart Contest 2006 Bio Zoids Shadow Fox Diorama Contest 2006 Sector 55 Organisation 06
Sea Evacuation Aftermath Custom Contest 2007 Fire Emperor God Hydra Hanech Tsunami Giga Aozame Buster Owl
Royal Griffin Articulated Sabre Tiger Aggregra Tiger La Magra Tyrant Kraken Cheetah Gehenna Tiger Infinity Stricker
Chromed Zoids Chromed Zoids Aggregra Tiger Zee Customs Angstmorder Aggregra Tiger Giga Aozame Buster Owl King Gojulas