A collaborative contest between multiple forums in March 2008 that saw top 3 entries from each Zoids Forum vying for the overall championship title. 6 Zoids Forums and Groups participated in this inaugural championship in 2008.

Our heartiest congratulations to the following top 3 zoiders!

1st Place : EZ501 Fusillade (average score 90.4)

2nd Place : Imperial Lionfish (average score 87.5)

3rd Place : Stryker (average score 87.3)

by Zoidfans Yahoo Group
Zeherl The Beast The Beast The Beast
Zeherl Zeherl Zeherl Zeherl
Depthcharge Depthcharge Depthcharge Depthcharge

by Phenotype Zoids Forum
Racing Chocobo Racing Chocobo Racing Chocobo Racing Chocobo
Hello! Fuhrer Hello! Fuhrer Hello! Fuhrer Hello! Fuhrer
Pfeilcat Pfeilcat Pfeilcat Pfeilcat

by Zoidspoison Forum
EZ501-Fusillade EZ501-Fusillade EZ501-Fusillade EZ501-Fusillade
Centaurian AvanGuard Centaurian AvanGuard Centaurian AvanGuard Centaurian AvanGuard
Dark Harbinger Dark Harbinger Dark Harbinger Dark Harbinger

by Zoids Manifest
Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer Destroyer
Blade Blade Blade Blade
Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger

by ZPH Forum
Imperial Lionfish Imperial Lionfish Imperial Lionfish Imperial Lionfish
Stryker Stryker Stryker Stryker
Behemoth Draco Behemoth Draco Behemoth Draco Behemoth Draco

by We Are Zoiders Forum
Desert Sniper Desert Sniper Desert Sniper Desert Sniper
Death Nemesis Death Nemesis Death Nemesis Death Nemesis
Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise

ZoidFans Judges


EZ501 Fusillade
Nice color scheme. Nice poseability. This zoid just jumps out of the computer at you. I really like the design of this custom. I like the use of the multiple gun turrets allowing a 360 degree field of fire at any given time or a concentrated field of fire in one area. Also, it looks as though this zoid could take a direct hit on section and yet still deliver fire power until repairs are made or until that section was removed/replaced and then the remaining sections reattached (i.e. allowing for a cache of spare sections). The bridge and conning tower gives a nice control function. This appears to also have a landing pad for helicopters. A nice touch.

Behemoth Draco
An awesome use of zoid parts on this custom. This custom is a large zoid without overdoing it. The color scheme, while very simple, seems to fit this zoid perfectly, the zoid looks menacing and it doesn't look as though it could be taken out very easily. I just don't see a lot of poseability in this custom.

Dark Harbinger
As I said before, I hate Blox. With that being said, this custom is absolutely awesome. It just looks deliciously menacing. A great use of zoid parts. The color scheme took a little getting used to but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. I do, however, think that the little bit of green distracts from the overall color scheme. The poseability is wonderful in this zoid custom. The more I looked at this custom, the more I wanted to have it to add to my great collection of customs that I picked up from Pheno a year ago and proudly display in my own shelflands. This guy does have a flaw, however. It has no meat on its body. One minor hit will take it out. Therefore, I had to give it a major hit in the Quality of Construction and Build category.

Phenotype Zoids Judges


EZ501 Fusillade
It's huge, and it doesn't just get by on being big and static, it's got lights, articulation, airbrushed paintwork, the lot...it's built to impress on all counts, not just one specialty. Overall high scores in every category plus the very impressive build got it high point totals and thus the win in my rankings. Now if only it could walk!

On a more personal note, I have to appreciate the choice of critter as house centipedes are among my favorite arthropoddy things ever - we'll ignore that this is most certainly not a house centipede and focus on the good that is them getting credit for their predator ways.

Death Nemesis
Another custom that really caught my attention straight off. The paint wasn't as flashy, and it's still mostly a Death Saurer - but the sheer ingenuity and subtle reworking of bits that went into the dual modes and making them BOTH work is commendable to my eye, and that put it just above the number three Zoid for me. I've seen a lot of Deathy conversions, and this one doesn't suffer from common "stuck in stiff flying pose" or "tail waving oddly in the air" issues. I think my favorite detail is how the claws come down as paws when it's on all fours, then raise to be held more like dinosaur hands in the upright mode.

It combined a very attractive and unique color scheme (I've seen clear pieces used, but not often tinted so nicely) with the difficult frame of a bird, and meshed *that* with overall creative parts use and good articulation. The pose is a little stiff at the shoulders/neck area, but the wings and feathers are beautiful and the overall impression is that of a large, menacing, and eye-catching bird. That's what sold the custom to me.

Zoids Manifest Judges

Megan Rocke & Richard Winters

EZ501 Fusillade
Essentially, this thing is probably the best zoid custom, now, or ever. Originality, choice of parts, posable and lighting are all taken into our decision to make this our number one choice.

Racing Chocobo
Posable and the awesome paint job, as well as not being deadly serious kicked this into number 2 place.

Imperial Lionfish
This is a great build, but its a little too busy. The colour is great, but kinda eye hurty in places. Its entirely possible that the subject matter works for the custom in this regards as it is very accurate to a lionfish.

Zoids Philippines Judges


A real fighting rooster turned into zoid. This is my first impresion when i saw this custom. You can see from the first picture how it stand it really resembles a real rooster. The opening feathers on it neck was a great idea. Looking closely, the base zoid was an Arosaurer. The detail on the head was great, it really requires a lot of talent converting Arosaurer's head into a rooster's head, plus that opening beak. I can say this is a winner.

EZ501 Fusillade
When i saw this custom, first thing that comes to mind was, how big is this thing. Great design and also the built was great. That paint scheme was good but i wanted it more dark. I have no more to say to this thing. Hands down.

Imperial Lionfish
Very new design. When did you see a lionfish as zoid. But it seem that those fins are very breakable and the eye used can be improved. The color scheme was based on the original lionfish but I preferred it to be more darker red. Very good use of zoids part in this custom.

Zoidspoison Judges

Taned/ Edmund Shern

EZ501 Fusillade
This one had such an awesome scale, lights and just an overall design and palette that it was hard to deny this was the winning entry. This was also a well-designed and thoroughly thought out concept. Figuring new uses for old parts was brilliant and really added to the overall form and design and styling as opposed to just adding parts. I rarely like zoids customs which add guns for the sake of having more firepower but this one won me over.

Imperial Lionfish
Fish zoids are the hardest thing to custom! I myself have had a few failed attempts in creating some decent sea-based zoids (respect to all those who have done it successfully). The Imperial Lionfish had one killer feature which is that amazing jabberwocky mouth! Creating a head out of non-head parts requires real creativity and imagination. The paintwork was effective and well executed and helped to augment the ferocity of the design and form.

Third place was a tough one for me to decide. There were some great ideas out there such as the Centaurian, Dark Harbinger and Behemoth. I'm not a big fan of chickens/roosters but this was just too well executed to ignore. The colors were very complementary and I like the subtle shading and the use of the transparent pieces. I think there was a potential for getting more adventurous with the color palette (purple/blue tips etc) as well as getting more paint detailing in there.

Gallenwolf/ Alvin Yap

EZ501 Fusillade
I immediately picked this zoid out from the entire list - I really enjoyed the color scheme, and the weapons loadout seems sensible, yet not too overloaded. The command tower in the middle makes it look like a land going version of an aircraft carrier, and there seems to be what looks like a smallish landing pad at the end of the zoid. Alot of time was also spent on the smaller details like wiring up of lights. If there was anything I would say could be improved would be to make it a bit more battle worn :) Excellent job!

Imperial Lionfish
Again, a truly unique design. It's varied textures seem to be adapted from a real life lion fish. From the front, it certainly strikes me as an efficient killing machine with all cutting edges extended and swopping in for the kill! I wonder how the zoid would look like with all the fins swept back though. One thing about the stripes, if they were made closer (or just simply add thinner stripes) - it would make it more similar to the real life fish, and will also further confuse enemy zoid pilots!

Racing Chocobo
I was pondering really, does it even count as a zoid? But hey, zoid parts. This little one caught my eye with it's chocobo yellow scheme and cute painted anime eyes. I think Rabbitos really caught the look with the wings and tail feathers. I think the fact that it manages to balance on one leg and strike a mid-run pose really sells it. Well done!

WAZ Judges


Imperial Lionfish

EZ501 Fusillade



Giant Tortoise
It fully shows the typical detailed characteristics of a tortoise. The usage of each part is well applied based on its concept of a tortoise. Color selections matches the concept well and quality of paint application is also very nicely done.

- It might have been a lot better if the picture has been taken in a brighter background to reveal the details of the custom.
- It would have better if the width between left and right legs were a little wider.

EZ501 Fusillade